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The Roanoke Women's Foundation

The Roanoke Women’s Foundation (RWF) is a philanthropic organization based on a model started in Seattle, Washington in 1995 and subsequently put into action in 48 cities around the country. The RWF has been established to provide women an avenue to become leaders in charitable giving by offering women a vehicle for collaborative giving in response to our communities' many needs.

The RWF was founded because it is clear that women are more interested than ever in philanthropy and want to have a greater voice in where and how their contributions are spent. The RWF is open to women of all income levels who have an interest in aggregating smaller gifts in order to make significant impact grants to worthy organizations in the community.

Individual women comprise RWF membership, and each member casts an equal vote when selecting our annual large-impact grants.

With an annual commitment of $2100 ($2,000 of which is tax-deductible and goes towards grants), RWF members will make transformational annual gifts that tremendously benefit our region. It is our goal to make five and even six-figure grants annually. Members will have no obligation to RWF other than to fulfill the annual contribution and to help select recipients.

RWF is proud to be member of Philanos.



RWF occasionally uses photos of people and groups on the website and in publications. Those objecting to the use of their photos should so inform the RWF.

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