How should I submit my Phase I Application?
Phase I Applications are submitted online. See the Important Dates page in this section for deadlines, and the How to Apply page for application instructions.

Who can we contact to discuss our grant application?
For technical questions regarding our online application, please contact We do not communicate with prospective applicants except to answer specific questions about our guidelines or application process.

How are your grant amounts and grantees determined?
RWF members vote from a ballot selected by the Grants Committee (see Application Process). The ballot results are calculated and grantees are announced at the Annual Luncheon in November, as determined by the vote of the membership.

Will you consider a proposal from a group of organizations collaborating on a project or program?
Yes. One of the collaborating organizations must be the “lead organization,” applying on behalf of the collaboration. The lead organization must be willing to take on all the potential rights, responsibilities, restrictions and liabilities of the grant, if it is received.

Once an organization receives a grant from the Roanoke Women’s Foundation, can it reapply the following year?
If an organization has been previously awarded an RWF grant, there is a five year waiting period to become eligible to apply again.