RWF uses an ONLINE grant application process. Paper applications are not accepted.

If you have questions about the online grant application, refer to the links below before contacting the RWF:

Step 1. Phase 1 Application
Applicants submit a Phase 1 Application through our online grants portal by the March deadline (see the Important Dates (hyperlink) in this section for this year’s deadline).

Step 2. Invitation to Submit a Phase II Application
The RWF Grants Committee reviews all Phase I Applications and notifies applicants if they have been selected to submit a Phase II Application. All applicants will be notified of this decision by May 1.

Step 3. Phase II Application
Applicants invited to submit a Phase II Application will complete an online application by the May 31 deadline.

Step 4. Site Visit
The RWF Grants Committee reviews all Phase II Applications and schedules site visits with applicants throughout the Summer.

Step 5. Selection of Finalists
Once site visits are completed, finalists are selected by the Grants Committee.

Finalists will be put on a ballot for voting by the full RWF membership.

Step 6. Selection of Grantee
Full RWF membership vote determines the grant recipients.

Step 7. Award of Grant
In early November, grant recipients are invited to RWF Annual Awards luncheon and awarded their grant funding.

Step 8. Reports and Evaluation
Grantees must submit periodic reports to the RWF as specified in the Grant Agreement.

Requests to Grant Applicants

  • Please do not call or contact RWF members, as all members are asked to maintain the confidentiality of the grant process.

For all other questions, please contact grants@​roanokewomensfoundation​.org