Join Roanoke Women’s Foundation

Payments may be made by check, online, by stock transfer, matching gifts, or in up to four installments. RWF cannot accept electronic transfers at this time.

Because of the RWF structure, members must make payments to two organizations:

  • The Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia – $2,000 to support our community.
  • Roanoke Women’s Foundation-$100 for administrative fees.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept one payment.

If Paying by Checks:

(Preferred by RWF)

  • One check payable to Roanoke Women’s Foundation for $100.
  • Second check payable to Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia for $2,000. Only this portion is tax deductible.
  • Mail both checks with the RWF Information Form to:
    Roanoke Women’s Foundation
    P.O. Box 8976
    Roanoke, VA 24014

If Paying Online:

(RWF Members responsible for any processing fees)

RWF $100 administrative fee:

Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia- $2,000. 

  • Visit to
  • Click  “Donation Purpose”
  • Select “Other”
  • Enter “for RWF”
  • Follow prompts to complete transaction
  • The Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia has processing fees associated with online payments that can be as high as $75. Each member is responsible for insuring that her payment nets $2,000 so that we will have the full amount available to distribute for grants. To avoid additional expenses, we recommend paying by check.

If Paying By Stock Transfer or Matching Gifts, or up to four installments:

  • Contact Kathy Mattox at
  • There are processing fees associated with stock payments. Stock donations must net $2,000; RWF Members  are required to cover any shortage.

Questions? Contact membership​​@roanokewomensfoundation​​.org.

Serve on a Committee

Maybe you’d like to spend some time on a committee.  Get to know our members better while making a difference. RWF is a 100% volunteer organization with no paid staff. Any sharing of talent and time is most welcome!

To join any of these committees, simply send us an email to membership​​@roanokewomensfoundation​​.org

Our Committees

Board Governance
Plan for future RWF leadership and cultivate new talent.

Communications and Technology
Coordinate RWF website, newsletter, directory, or social media. Writers and photographers are always needed.

Events and Education
Explore women’s philanthropy with learning opportunities for members and the public. Plan the Annual Awards Celebration, when grants are awarded and Power of the Purse when grantees explain their great work.

Assist with the financial responsibilities of the organization.

Vet and select grant applications for the RWF membership ballot. This is the crux of our mission!

Recruit new members and host fun membership gatherings.