RWF Founders, Ginny Jarrett and Kandy Elliott, visit Chris’s Coffee and Custard (LovABLE Services, Inc.) and congratulate them on receiving the 2023 Roanoke Women’s Foundation Founders Fund award in the amount of $1,820.00!  Chris’s Coffee & Custard is a unique coffee and custard shop that serves a wonderful cup of coffee, a delicious cup of custard or a tasty food item while creating opportunities for gainful and meaningful employment for individuals of all walks of life, focusing on our special needs community.

Roanoke Women’s Foundation Founders Fund of Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia was established in 2016 to honor and recognize the role of RWF co-founders, Ginny Jarrett, and Kandy Elliott.

The purpose of the fund is to support RWF efforts to strengthen the community through increasing charitable contributions in the region and to promote women’s leadership in philanthropy.

Gifts to RWF Founder’s Fund may be directed to or by mail to: CFSWVA – PO Box 1159 – Roanoke, VA 24006.