Ronald McDonald House $30,000

Since its opening in 1984, the Ronald McDonald house has provided a home away from home for 26,000 families whose children are being treated at Carilion Clinic hospitals or Lewis Gale. The program strives to relieve as much stress as possible to families, with a clean, comfortable, peaceful environment with basic amenities.  Over the years the high traffic has caused wear and tear to the facilities. Carpet needs replacing, rooms need painting, television sets need replacing, lighting needs adjusting, and bathrooms need renovating to bring them up to current code.   The $30,000 grant from the Roanoke Women’s Foundation will help with some of this refurbishing.

Roanoke Children’s Theatre $30,000

In 2009, the Roanoke Children’s Theatre began a program (RCT4TEENS) especially for middle schoolers and beyond to focus on difficult issues facing this age group.  Through past theater productions RCT has addressed the topics of bullying, eating disorders, depression, and suicide prevention.  Over 3000 students and parents from the Roanoke Valley have annually attended these programs and post-show discussions.

This year the production will address the issue of drug use, including heroin.  This problem is not limited to any racial or socio-economic group.  Deaths attributed to illegal drug use have more than doubled since 2011, and heroin use in Roanoke high schools is 3 times the national average according to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

The $30,000 grant from the Roanoke Women’s Foundation will help to support and expand free access to the production and help to fund follow-up activities in Roanoke and surrounding counties.

Plenty!  $40,000

Plenty! Is a farm located in Floyd VA that is nourishing its community by growing food for and with hungry neighbors.  Plenty! operates a food bank, delivers food to neighbors and provides education services to the community about organic practice, canning and freezing.  In addition, they serve over 1000 meals at their weekly Community Lunch gatherings.  The organization has created a sense of community among a diverse population in the area.  The $40,000 grant from Roanoke Women’s Foundation will be used to expand the irrigation system and to partially fund the salary of the farmer/educator on staff.

Family Promise of Greater Roanoke $50,000

Family Promise provides temporary housing for homeless families in need.  They are unique in that they serve only families with children unlike other shelters in the Valley.  Families also use their facilities while they seek employment and permanent housing.  Family Promise will use the $50,000 grant from the Roanoke Women’s Foundation to begin a pilot program for a new Housing Stability Program to help homeless families find and maintain long-term affordable housing once they exit their temporary housing facilities.  The full time case manager will assist in finding housing and jobs as well as conducting daily and weekly site visits.  The program will create positive relationships with quality landlords, provide an all-encompassing after care program, including intensive case management to assist families with developing a support system.

CHIP $66,000

CHIP (Child Health Investment Partnership) is an early childhood home healthcare visitation program serving low income children from birth to kindergarten.  Community Health Nurses and Family Case Managers assess and coordinate needed medical services to include management of chronic conditions such as asthma, preventive services, developmental education, kindergarten preparation and regular child and family assessment and monitoring.  They have adopted a comprehensive, holistic approach to children’s and family health, believing that causes of ill health in the populations they serve go back many generations.  They have multiple statistics proving the effectiveness of their services.  The $66,000 grant from Roanoke Women’s Foundation will fund a new Master’s or PhD level Research Associate for one year to compile and evaluate data to present a federal Evidenced Based Assessment application.  Approval of this application will qualify CHIP for numerous federal funding opportunities increasing their caseload from 1000 children currently being served to 6000 children.  The certification would then enable CHIP’s proven operating standards to be adopted by other non-profit organizations.

Turning Point (Salvation Army) $90,000

The Salvation Army’s Turning Point is Roanoke’s only secure and accredited shelter for female victims of domestic and sexual violence.  It offers help 24/7 every day of the year and serves over 250 women and children annually. These victims need a home away from home that will allow them to rebuild, recover, and restore their lives back to a state of well-being that is productive for them and their loved ones.

Although staff and volunteers have made outstanding efforts to provide a sense of safety and welcome for residents, the building was not constructed for its current purpose and has significant shortcomings.  Bathrooms, originally designed for men, need a complete overhaul.  Closet, storage and laundry space need to be re-designed.  Beds and mattresses need to be replaced with bed-bug resistant products, and other furniture needs to be more serviceable.  Flooring and painting are also in poor condition.  In addition, exterior repairs are called for such as roofing, gutters, delivery docks, and parking lots.  The $90,000 grant from the Roanoke Women’s Foundation will help with many of these much needed renovations.